Happy NY Japan

It’s that time of year again where we join the crowds in Ome (a country village on the far end of Tokyo with a disproportionate amount of vintage American Western movie billboards) to let go of our Daruma dolls of yesteryear and buy new ones.
For an explanation on this fun and superstitious Japanese tradition, see my previous post on this.
This was Travis and Henry’s first time going. We were idiots and left in haste, forgetting both the stroller and ergo carrier. Henry had a blast being free but we did manage to lose him a couple of times.




The food was just as good as i remember. Meat on a stick, garlicky meat filled pancakes, candied apples and strawberries. The temple was giving out free amizake, or sweet sake. Maybe this was something new? Or I’ve missed this before?


Empty superstition aside, today the smell of the ashes and burning crepe paper in the fire made me remember being there 2 years ago, buying a white doll for fertility. I remembered the deep desire to welcome a child into our lives and thinking about it in that same place. And now being there with Travis and Henry today just makes me pause and thank God for such a blessing.





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  1. Maggie says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Such a fascinating place to live!!

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