Henry is TWO!

Henry is TWO today!!

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Where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday I was nervously awaiting his arrival at the base hospital in Japan.  And now he’s a wild little fire-loving caveman; a walking, talking, soon-to-be big brother!  I absolutely love this age (challenging as it is)- in my opinion, it doesn’t get much cuter than age 2.  I know in the weeks to come things will get a little crazier and busier, so I want to freeze this moment in time and hang on to my sweet little two year old Henry!



Eating.  Not a lot has changed in that department since Henry was a baby.  Eating is still one of his greatest talents.  The kid has a huge appetite, eats almost everything, and then will graze off other people’s plates when he’s finished with his own.  His first word when he wakes up is “breakfast”, followed by “snack” after his nap, and then “supper! suuuuuuper!!” when it starts getting the slightest bit dark.  He’s slimmed down a lot in the last few months, (looking more like his long and lean daddy). Some days I’m not sure where all the food is going, but he is also very good at…

Moving.  Currently, he can outrun his momma.  You know when you “race” your kid and let them win?  Well I don’t have to feign defeat because his little body is actually faster than mine.  His second word of the day (after breakfast) is usually “OUTsiiiiide!!”  Rain or shine, every day he wakes up ready to run and play at the park or the “gaveyard” (that may seem weird but it’s close by and he loves exploring it).  If I can brag a little… his playground skills are AMAZING!  He likes to climb on the big boy stairs, go head-first down slides, and can hang from a bar for a long time on his own.  He loves to do the downward dog and recently taught himself how to do somersaults.  It’s hilarious watching him roll and roll.  He still loves wielding large objects–sticks, wheels, doors–anything to make him feel big.

Talking.  He’s turned into such a gregarious little chatty McChatterson with quite an impressive vocabulary for such a little man cub.  He wakes up running his mouth and goes to bed running his mouth.  I think since we left Japan his English has exploded and we understand most of what he says.  I like to call him “Henry the informer” because he loves to tell me what and where things are.  He loves all things that move and loves to call out vehicles when he sees them–fire truck!, dump truck!, tow truck!, mail truck!, school bus!, choo-choo train! tractor!, bulldozer!, Po-Po car! (thanks Travis), garbage truck!, etc.  And if we’re inside, he loves to inform me if he hears an airplane or a helicopter outside.   He can count to about 14 and knows all his numbers, letters, and most of his colors.  He loves alphabet books or anything with animals or things that move!  One of his favorite movies is still Mary Poppins and he loves singing, Let’s Go Fly a Kite (this is the song we always sing while we swing) and recently started making up his own versions, Let’s Go Fly a...book, airplane, diaper, bear, poo-poo, etc.  He giggles, cracking himself up at his cleverness.


His favorite things: Planes, trains and automobiles. The outdoors. Books. Sesame Street & Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, raisin bread with butter, blueberries, grapes, yogurt, waffles or toast with “peanut bubber”, ice cream, building blocks, music, bath time, loving on his bear, putting his ducky in “time out”, trying to keep up with “big boys” at the playground, wrestling with DaDa.

I am so blessed to be this sweet boy’s mama!  I love him so much it hurts my heart.  I can’t wait to watch him grow into his big brother role.  But for today… he’s still my sweet baby boy!



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  1. marcelaires says:

    Hi Natalie, what a beautiful baby. Friend, I have two babies, twins. Levi and Leonel. They have four months, I’d love to see them. My loves babies. Adds on Instagram,@marcelalevieleonel. This I sent to her baby Henry was not delivered by mail. Now you have another address? Saudades!

  2. marcelaires says:

    Photo, two months : *

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