Euro Trip Part IV: Lake Como, Italy

After a 6 hour train trip from Nice, France, we arrived in Como, Italy–the most scenically beautiful leg of our trip. Mother was singing The Hills are Alive and indeed they were.

We stayed at another perfect AirBnB find that I’m pretty sure was owned by my childhood penpal, Paola, who’s sexy face was blown up all over the apartment.

Our plan was nothing more than eating, relaxing, taking boat rides through the lake and exploring the villages that sit on the lake. And keeping an eye out for George and Amal Clooney who have a house nearby.

We didn’t see George. But we did see our long lost Yokota friends who now live in Ramstein Germany, the Chapmans, and we got to meet their sweet Betty Lou. She’s pretty much famous.


April is the perfect time to visit the Italian lakes region. We thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being slightly chilled, but my Bangkok babies thought we had gone to the Arctic tundra.


Our first day we took a fast boat to Bellagio, just on the north side of the lake from Como town. Bellagio is a maze of winding staircase streets, full of enchantment but full of frustration if you’ve got strollers. Thankfully the Super Dads took the kids for a bit so the ladies could shop and tea.

2017-04-17 14.26.19


We had tickets for the slow ferry back to Como town, but the ferry was severely delayed. We waited from the impatient crowds at a distance, unsure of what was happening.


Every trip has its little moments of surprise and serendipity. After waiting around for awhile, we were directed to another boat with just a handful of people. This boat was like going back into time. It was a fully restored steam boat from 1926. Complete with 1920s art-deco embellishments and a gorgeous, spacious deck.

This was one of the highlights of our entire trip. The best way to take in the glory of Lake Como.



The town of Como and Como Cathedral, the last Gothic church of Italy, are also worth exploring. Peace and love carved in stone, haunting whispers from the past. I’ve had my own theological crisis in the last year, and its things like this that make me cry. Thank you, old church!

We ate at the same pizza place across from our flat three nights in a row because it was so good and so cheap! The house specialty was Italian sausage with smoked provolone and raddichio. I could eat this every day of the week.


Our last day we had planned on boating through Lake Como and exploring a couple of lakeside villages, but the winds were insane and all the boat rides were cancelled.

Plan B–impromptu day trip by train to Lugano, Switzerland!

We bought swiss chocolate and had an Irish Carbomb (my husband has a car bomb “collection” that includes 50+ countries. Switzerland, check.)


We ended our trip with a vintage bath tub bath, snuggles, the Easter story, and sweet dreams from a fairytale place.

Next stop…Roma!

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  1. gandafro says:

    Oh this lake looks amazing! 🙂

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